From Fonze Garcia: "We just want to share some sad news with you regarding our great friend, brother, and fellow musician Randy Penland.  You've probably enjoyed his incredible guitar playing if you've attended any of our jazz performances. It saddens us to say that Randy was killed in an auto accident on Sunday evening, January 7, 2007. Although we are all extremely saddened and miss him so much, we know that at this moment he is rejoicing (and jamming) with Jesus in a place where there is no sadness or suffering. Randy was 49 and full of life. Please pray for his family during this difficult time."

Randy's Bio

"I've been playing guitar since age thirteen and I'm 48 now.  I was pretty much self-taught for the first seven or eight years (except for a few lessons at Gene Leis Guitar studio in Manhattan Beach, CA).  I Played in a few bands while growing up and was exposed to and played many different types of music. 

After a 3 year Army stint (peace time) from 1975 to 1978, I studied guitar privately with Ron Anthony (has played with George Shearing & Frank Sinatra among many others).  I owe a lot to Ron and cannot thank him enough for steering me in the right direction. 

While married, raising children and working a full-time job, I attended school and studied music theory, both classical and commercial at Fullerton and Cypress colleges.  I studied Jazz Impovisation from James Linahon at Fullerton and had the opportunity to perform with combos and Big Bands while attending there.  I recorded with the A & B Big Bands on the Downbeat magazine award winning, "Time Tripping" album (now a CD).

I've also studied guitar privately from Joe Diorio (My most inspirational guitar teacher!) and took a couple of lessons from Ron Eschete.  I've also attended many workshops.  Probably the most influential would be the Stanford Jazz Workshop where I had the opportunity to study from Jim McNeely, Bruce Forman, and the list goes on.  Dizzy Gillespie & James Moody were also in attendance and to say they were inspiring would be a major understatement.

My recording experiences have been the already mentioned Fullerton College LP, Rob Correll's CD "Over The Moon", Frank Graves' Gospel CD "Give Me My Flowers" & Steve Correl's "Midnight Groove" CD.  There have been a few other studio recording experiences through the years as well, but most of those I never heard about afterward.

As far as playing experience, I am a member of the 562nd Air National Guard Band of the Southwest and have been a member of that band for approximately 14 or so years.  We play for various types of functions and gig on average maybe 20 gigs a year with just the combo.  Outside of that, I've played mostly freelance and casual gigs through the years.  Have played at a few Jazz Festival's when attending college as well. 

A couple of summers ago I had the wonderful opportunity to put a quartet together (Guitar, Bass, Drums & Guitar) and play at an annual summer festival in the Azores Islands, Portugal.  It was on the island of Terceira in the town, Praia da Vitoria.  Our quartet played 3 concerts on a stage next to the marina.  We were on the same concert lineup as Nelly Furtado, James Cotton & James Montgomery just to mention a few. 

Out of all the wonderful musicians that I've played with through the years, probably the most known would be, Bobby White (drummer who has played with Chet Baker, Art Pepper, Sonny Clark and many others), Richard Davis (trumpet player who has played with Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and many others), Richard Simon (bass player who has played with too many famous jazz musicians to mention!), etc.. 

I must take this time to mention my 'musical soul mate', Paul Weymeyer, who I spent many hours gigging, rehearsing, analysing, and just plain jamming.  Paul was a wonderful saxophone player, guitarist, etc., who was one of the greatest friends ever!  Thank you Paul. 

Most recently I've had the distinct pleasure of working in a very creative Jazz Trio with Andy Vermiglio and Alfonzo Garcia.  The groove that these two very special individuals lay down is irresistible!  It's been and will continue to be a blessed musical ride!  Thank you my friends! 

I have to say that of all the things that have enriched my music, family is number one.  Thank you God for blessing me with my beautiful wife and beautiful children."